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How To Play Ditto!
Get Social With Ditto!

It’s fun for the whole family... not just kids!

- Steve in Richmond, VA

At my last sleep-over we played for hours!

- Madeline in Philadelphia, PA

This game is WAY more fun than I had expected!

- Ken in Washington, DC

It always makes my day to yell, "Gotcha!" at my opponents :)

- David in Silver Spring, MD

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Ditto! The Game : $19.99

(Contains 6 Ditto! Decks / For 2-6 Players)

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Official Ditto! The Game Rules

Ditto! is simple to learn and fun to play!  To win, be the last player with cards in your hand.  When you win a round, your opponents discard their losing cards.  But be careful, there are a number of “Trick Cards” that turn winning plays into losing ones, and then there’s the unstoppable “Boom!” card.  Just keep your wits about you and you’ll emerge as

the next Ditto! champion! 

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